About PicoTribe

PicoTribe is a live ongoing book project site. The current book being written is focused on how technologies for Augmented and Mixed Reality will change the music landscape in the upcoming years.

The working title right now is:  New Layers – How Mixed Reality Will Change The Music Industry


My name is Daniel Rolf Johansson and I am a researcher, writer, analyst and consultant for the music industry. In different ways I have been a part of the large transition from physical music media to digital distribution that has happened during the latest 20 years.

Since I work and live in Sweden, these texts are usually written in Swedish and sometimes in English. The texts are published in a none systematic way, are edited and updated live on the site, meaning that texts are in no way finished. It is kind of scrapbook that eventually, hopefully will result in a “real” book.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at daniel@picotribe.com.

Oh, and why not, here is a picture of the synopsis at my office. 🙂